A Letter to the One Who Give Me Hope and Courage

It’s been more than a year since I became what I am now. It was because of her that I began to engaged with doing hiking and travelling. It was her fault that I always have some events to look forward every month. It was her who give me the courage and excitement to explore and do the things that seemed to be afar and unattainable. Thanks to her. I would be forever grateful to her. Without her, I may be doing the usual and tedious stuffs. Thanks to the one who give me hope and courage.
We met when we were in our first year of our college years. I must admit that I felt that she would be one of my friends in the long run. We immediately had the connection and we shared similar interests such as food, books, and joining school organization. We also had the opposite qualities which compliments our friendship up until now. She is cheerful and I’m not. She does not like scary movies whereas I am fond of it. She is chubby while I’m not. She hates vegetables when I like the taste of an eggplant and white cabbage. With our similarities and differences, I can say that these make our relationship strong and beautiful.
Because of these trivial but amazing facts, I want to say:
Thank you for being a great friend. I know that this one is one of the common thing to say but I still want to say this to her. Not only because she is indeed a great friend but since I am sometimes harsh at her I do not have any say this to her. You are a friend who understands me through my best and worst times. You are a friend who appreciate me when no one does. Most of all, you are a friend who truly accept me for being me.
Thank you for being you. You may not know but you are an incredible person. You may think that you are weak, dull, and ugly but you’re not. You are perfect in being yourself. I do sometimes envy you due to your carefree and cheerful personality but I suppose you do not notice my desire to be like you. Maybe a lot of people get attached with you due to your bright aura. Well, I don’t know but I want our friendship to last a lifetime.
Thank you for opening another door of opportunities to me. You are the reason why I am doing what I am doing right now. I didn’t expect myself to be doing a lot of various thrilling activities. I a very grateful for inviting me with that hiking interest of yours. Although you cannot climb any single mountain anymore, for me you are my inspiration and strength whenever I finished a peak. Every climb that I do, I always keep you in my journey. I will be forever grateful with this chance that you’d given to me.
Hence, I look forward with another eminent yet mundane experiences that we would be doing together. I am very positive that we still have a lot of time to cherish and to nourish this relationship together because we’re young and loving it!

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