Welcome to Myself!

Few days from now, I will be getting older again. Well, I’ll be turning 24 years old. Another year to enjoy and feel bless. Another year to live my life and work hard. Another year to ponder my one ultimate goal: to find my purpose.
I guess this year should be different because of three reasons. First, being 24 means being an adult. Let’s face it. When you come with this age, one should know his/her wants and needs. This is a crucial stage for me because I need to know what exactly I want. What I want to become and what I want to achieve. As for now, I am getting there. Somehow. Somewhat.
Another reason connects with my first one. As I get to know myself more, I began to delve for more. I want to explore every single possible things that I can. Because of this, I came up with this thought: I should make the “decision” now or else I’ll be stuck with my current situation. I need to make a move NOW. Someone may ask, “You have plenty of time so it’s okay to slow things down.” but for me time is important. I should not waste it with non-essential and unnecessary things. If I would slack myself with getting and knowing what I want, then I suppose I will never have a spare time to do it, to achieve it, to nurture it, to enrich it. I don’t want to feel a lot of regrets as I continue to live in this wretched world. So this year would be my NOW.
Finally, this year would be unlike the previous years because nothing in this world has similar quality or chance. Everything here is unpredictable. No matter how much I plan ahead of time, there would be still the spontaneous-ness of life. There would be the ups and downs, the fun and depressing parts, the best and the worst. But I’d better be prepare with these incidents than do nothing because at least I did my part. As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. So I’d still take the chance to get myself ready with life’s surprises and get amazed by it. Thus, I need to brace myself with this another roller coaster ride called life.
Well, that’s why I am here now. I may be a newbie but I have some things to write on. I want this year to be documented as possible so I am starting to express my feelings and thoughts here. Also, I want to share my every days adventures here so I can or may inspire other people. I’m not saying that the people who would visit my blogs would be like me but it’s all about spreading love, understanding and positivity. With this, welcome to myself!

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