A Recent Review

Recently, I had my Cebu trip which was my birthday present for myself. It was my first solo and do-it-yourself trip so I was nervous and excited at the same time. I had booked myself last year for my round trip tickets and then I thought everything was set. But then it struck like a lightning, I need to find a place to stay.

This was my major dilemma because I was used by having someone who booked my accommodation like my mom or a friend. I was starting to panic but I was saying to myself that it would be worth it once I did my adventure in my destination. So I started to search online. I sought the help of Facebook but failed because the accommodations for a solo traveler was (and still) bit pricey than in groups. Then, I looked into different websites for a cheap yet eminent place that I could stay. I was surprised that there are a lot of places which passed or even exceed my expectations. However, another great dilemma. I do not have any single credit card. EVER!

Another failed mission. I was beginning to feel hopeless. I was thinking that I should borrowed someone’s credit card but I did not want to do that. So I still checked what the google has to offer and then I saw another website. It was a simple and too good to be true site which really offers a lots of places to stay with not only in the Queen City of the South but with all sorts of places, locally and internationally. On the top of that, they also had the “Pay at the Hotel” scheme! This means that I would not have to utilized anyone’s credit cards. By the word itself, I really did paid my accommodations right on the hotel where I stayed.

Thanks to the! If it was not them, I wouldn’t had a nice stay in Cebu. I am hopeful that I could make another transaction with them with my future trips and I really recommend this site for all the people who are looking for the various accommodations for their trips. It is simple, easy and convenient and all you have to do is check this out.



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