See, Feel, and Experience Catanduanes

Last April 13-15, one of my dreams have been fulfilled. I had a chance to visit and experience the beautiful island of Catanduanes. It is also known as “Land of the Howling Winds”, “Happy Island” and the “Batanes of the East”. With the tranquil and serene atmosphere, I was moved and swore to myself that I would be back there someday.

The travel time at the time of departing Manila had increased due to a lot of people who were going to their provinces to spend their Holy Week with their loved ones. I was with the Aerod Transport Services who really did a great job during the course of the trip. They offered a cheap yet amazing tour package. They charged the whole Catanduanes experience for just Php4,800. This includes transportation, accommodation, entrance fees, and an instant photographer. Only meals and ‘pasalubongs’ are not included in the package.

Anyway, we arrived at the Tabaco Port in Legazpi, Albay. Unfortunately, due to traffic jams that occurred along the way we didn’t catch the first ferry trip to Catanduanes. Because of this, we waited for about 2 hours for the second ferry to arrived. From the port to the island, it took us 4 hours to reach our first destination. It was really a long and tiring journey but it all fade when I saw this scenic view.

twin rock resort, catanduanes
Twin Rock Beach Resort: Our First Destination

Twin Rock Beach Resort got its name by the two rocks facing each other. Although they really don’t look the same or match in size, the Viracnons (term for local people in Catanduanes) said that nature must designed them to stand majestically.

At that time on Twin Rock, we unfortunately experienced what we wanted to. We wanted to eat some shrimps and crabs but there was no available ones. We wanted to try cliff diving but we didn’t experienced it too because the ocean was on low tide. However,  my two acquaintances waited for the time when the water was quite high so they did the cliff diving. What I was doing at the time we spent on our first destination? Hmmm…

twin rock resort, catanduanes2
I did some picture-taking ALONE.

After this, we stayed at Rakdell Inn located in the city which is for me not that the typical “city” you imagined. Their city has one fastfood chain, two drugstores, two hotels (if I’m not mistaken), and the rest are small time food businesses. Anyway, our accommodation is somehow a “house like”. Like any typical hotels or inns, they have of course a reception area. For more information about our accommodation in Rakdell Inn, you can check this out:

The next day was the day where we got to see and experience the place. The REAL DEAL. We first visited the second oldest church in the Bicol Region- Bato Church. It was built during Spanish era.

bato church-catanduanes

After that, we went to the destination that I looked forward. The lookalike of my #bucketlist #Batanes. Binurong Point. It is located in Brgy. Guinsaanan, Baras, Catanduanes. They called the place Binurong because people there usually bring the fishes they caught and they “buro” it there. “Buro” by the way means soaking it in vinegar or salt.

Before we head to our second destination for that day, we first went to registration booth wherein the locals oriented us about the do’s and don’ts. After that, two local guides accompanied us on our way to Binurong Point.

binurong point_signage-catanduanes

It took the group for about 20-30 minutes to reach it but then I can say that the beauty of Binurong Point is truly spectacular.


It is indeed alike with Batanes but it is nearer and cheaper. Actually, I really wanted to stay there for a day but due to our hectic schedule we just stayed there for about two hours. The view is just WOW! That’s when I said to myself that it was worth the money and the effort.

I really want to stay longer but our schedule did not permit it so I just enjoyed taking pictures and this amazing view.


After the scenic sight of Binurong Point, we headed to another great destination.

Puraran Beach
Uh-oh. No big great wave for surfing.

The Puraran Beach Resort was known for its big waves that surf lovers out there love to catch. However, by the time we were there was no single big wave. They said that the water was too shallow to surf or even swim. Just like in Twin Rock, the ocean was on low tide. Even so, I did cherished moments while I was there.

We also had our lunch there but too bad that I didn’t took any picture of the awesome grilled and steak tuna which only cost Php200. It tasted so great because of the seasonings put on the tuna. Its fresh and big chunk were enough to feed 11 hungry people.

After that, we went to Balacay Point. It is located near the Puraran Beach.

puraran_catanduanes edited
From Puraran Beach to Balacay Point

The trek in getting to Balacay Point was much easier that in Binurong Point (although both of them are easy as ABC to trek). Our van park right through the cemented road so our group took only for about less than 5 minutes to reach it. I was once again blown away by the beauty of another infamous tourist attraction in Catanduanes.

The Puraran Beach at a new perspective.


Compared to the Binurong Point, this attraction is much smaller yet offers another picturesque impression. Speaking of which, another supreme location for taking pictures. 🙂

I think I am near on the paradise.


Group picture. Beside me was Kuya Eggie who was our coordinator and made this possible.
Another One.
We really didn’t care the windy atmosphere.
This place is good for seeking meditation and practicing yoga.

This is indeed a truly pleasant visit to one of my country’s simple yet splendid province. Though at first I felt weary and uncertain due to tedious and long trip, all of these feelings had vanished as I reached the first destination up to the last one. All I have as I go home is the feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment that I would treasure in my lifetime.


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