The Overall Feelings and Thoughts of Me

My mind is wandering through a lot of life passages. I couldn’t contain my thoughts inside my head. They are all approaching like race cars that aim to get first to the finish lines. It is flashing yet as it approach him it seems that they breezed out like winds that he cannot see but only feel.

My body is feeling restless now. Though he is doing nothing today he feels like he wants to close his eyes and let his body rest for awhile. I know the reasons behind its weariness but I cannot fully accept it because of the mind’s wandering thoughts. Thoughts about my life, the reality that he is now facing, and the future that he is scared to see.

My eyes are seeking for something else. They had seen quite a lot these days yet they long for something, or somewhere, or a someone. I really don’t know what they are searching for but by the right time they can see it and be contented once they achieve what they want.

My mouth is thirty and hungry. I know that he quite tasted for some delightful foods and drinks. Yet somehow, he wants to have more. It might be tangible but I think that he seeks for more intangible things which have a long lasting effect and can soothe its wistfulness.

My ears are aiming for something. Right now, they cannot hear the sounds that my wandering mind wants to hear. It can only hear silence. Dead silence between the spaces of the fingers reaching for the right word to enter. Dead silence between the papers folding and clustering by the people around me. They only hear the tedious sounds of a common area.

My nose is sensing for a nostalgic theme. A theme which can remind my mind to reminisce for the aroma of the past which she yearns to be back today. She wants to sense my old habits, hobbies, and activities but she knows that it no longer existed here in the present. All that’s left are memories.

My hands are striving to take control of everything. They want to hold, grab, push, pull, give, take, slap, punch, touch every single thing that she desires. They of course, experience a lot of pain and happiness through time but they still crave for more. They still look for the tangible things that can bring them agony and blissfulness of this reality.

My feet are itching for the places that they want to go. They experience much cold, heat, pain and pleasure however they feel like they need to go somewhere. Somewhere where they can find serenity and peacefulness. Somewhere where they can fulfill my heart’s wish.

My heart is throbbing like my wondering thoughts. She cannot know what to do, if she would go faster or a bit slower. All she knows is that she wish for something that can ease my mind’s agitation and my body’s restlessness. She really wants to be free with the feeling that she has today. She hopes that it would be soon over so she can do what she really prays.

Sounds bizarre, right? Well, these are the thoughts and feeling of the overall me.


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