A Day’s Reflection in Mt. Sembrano

I began climbing the mountains since last year with the reason to feel accomplished and fulfilled. Every time I reached a mountain’s summit, I just can’t help to feel relaxed and at the same time overwhelmed with mystique work of God. But a lot of things are happening to me as of now so I decided to climb to hopefully enlighten and contemplate about my life filled with confusion and uncertainties.

I really planned my climb with a friend who is close to my heart. She was the one who introduced me to this hobby/sport that I continue to love and crave. But then two days before the climb, she said that she had to do something important about her work. She insisted on changing our plan from climbing activity to beach hopping near the area but her available was the one that failed me to pursue it. So I ended up as a solo hiker in Mt. Sembrano.

Mt. Sembrano is located in Pililia Rizal and rated with the difficulty of 3/9. This means that it is a minor climb that can be recommended to the beginners.

Since I am from the South Luzon part, I had to travel from Laguna (my home town) to Pasig where my adventure began. Why Pasig? It’s because there are jeepneys and vans with the route to Tanay (Palengke). I arrived at Pasig by around 5 am and then I told the dispatcher to drop me to Tanay (Palengke). The fare costs Php58 and I must admit that it was worth it with the 2 hours or so travel time. As I arrived at my first destination, it was already past seven in the morning. I quite felt regretful that I didn’t depart earlier because I wanted to witness the sunrise in the summit. From Tanay (Palengke), I then rode a jeepney passing to Brgy. Malaya Hall. The fare cost Php23. The travel time from Palengke was shorter than the first one and I arrived at Brgy. Malaya Hall at around 7:30 am.

Brgy. Malaya Hall

As I arrived at Brgy. Malaya Hall, I saw other hikers doing their registration and preparing for the climb. The old local man assigned to registration was kind and accommodating to all the fellow hikers like me. He insisted that I should get along with the other hikers and reluctantly, I joined one group who was about to start their climb. Actually, I usually don’t mind being with the other people but for that day I really need to be by myself. I guess I needed to ponder about the current state of my life.

Getting in the peak of Mt.Sembrano is not that easy as what I thought. Aside from the assaults that I’ve encountered, the hot temperature is also a big factor that made my climb quite challenging. I thought that my 2 liters of water were enough to sustain my day hike adventure. It might be the time of the climb that played a major role in reaching the summit. So for those who want to have an easy breezy feeling as they reached the top, I would suggest that you should start as early as 4 am.

Nevertheless, my overall experience in Mt. Sembrano is truly unique and amazing thing. Not only because it was my first solo climb but also because I was able to satisfy my goal- reflecting and expressing my thoughts and feelings. It was also a breath of fresh air for me who haven’t climbed any mountains for more than two months. It was a tiring yet fulfilling activity which tested my independence and resourcefulness. To give you some idea about my 1-day adventure in Mt. Sembrano, here are my detailed expenses.

From Pasig to Tanay Palengke (Jeep) : Php58.00
From Tanay Palengke to Brgy. Malaya Hall (Jeep) : Php23.00
Registration: Php30.00
Guide fee: it depends on you (You can get a guide but as for me since the trail is easy)

For some inquiries, kindly comment me. 🙂


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